welcome healthy agers!

Join the growing healthy ager population in the nurturing environment of the YMCA of Martha's Vineyard! Find new and existing friends as you work together to improve your health, intellectual and spiritual strength. If you are new to the Vineyard, or a lifelong resident, we welcome you to our very special island community.

soft on joints

If getting down on the floor is difficult:

Sit 2b fit

This class builds cardiovascular capacity (both sitting and standing), strength building, flexibility and balance.

Beach Walk

Meet at various island locations and explore our MV beaches together. Contact Betty at brobie@ymcamv.org for location list.

Ted Talk

Train your mind with this fun discussion group.

Water Aerobics

For swimmers and non-swimmers, this class is designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, to improve muscle strength, flexibility.

Beginner to Group Exercise

If you are a beginner to formal exercise, can get down on the floor and on and off a bike:

HA Heat

Looking for a step up from chair exercise? This is 30 minutes of medium intensity training using weights and resistance bands to strengthen upper and lower body. Coaching offered on proper form and no mats required.

Silver Stretch

This is a yoga-inspired class that also includes mobility, flexibility and balance. Participants will move gradually through a variety of postures and stretches. Also great for anyone wanting to improve range of motion, posture, and release tension.

1/2 Hour Stretch

Focus varies from week-to-week, from full body to joint specific; hips/low back, shoulders/upper back etc. This class helps participants increase flexibility and mobility through mindful movement, stretched posture, and breath.

Mat Pilates

Classical Pilates mat, a total body workout emphasizing core strength, muscular length, strength and flexibility. A challenging class across the spectrum from novice to athlete.


A basic choreography of Salsa, Samba and Latino style moves, mixed in a free style choreography to give you the best aerobic workout of your life.

Training up a notch

If you are comfortable with weights, interval training and intense core work, already active and want to push your training up a notch:


For intermediate to advanced active agers, this is a high energy class with aerobic, core, weight training designed to improve endurance, strength of primary muscle groups. Not for the faint of heart!

Zumba Dance

Take what you do in Zumba and add the party! Dance till you drop with choreographed, music driven, Latin inspired Zumba dance.

Deep Water Training

Train in the deep end wearing a flotation belt to experience this program. Alternate between high and low intensity moves to increase power and strength, and improve cardiovascular endurance.

Fit Club

A more advanced class for healthy agers, adding higher intensity to the to EverFit class. With all the same benefits and primary muscle groups.

Body Pump

Original barbell class that strengthens the entire body and challenges all major muscle groups.

Y Cycle

Workout focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, intensity and recovery to simulate a ride in real terrain. For all skill levels, an all-terrain adventure.

Morning Motivator

Workout focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, intensity and recovery to simulate a ride in real terrain. For all skill levels, an all-terrain adventure.


Must sign in for Cycling, Barre and BodyPump classes at the Member Service Desk in order to reserve a spot (available 30 min prior to class start time)

Not all classes listed above are offered year-round, please check the Group Exercise Schedule for the monthly offerings.

Physical activity is essential in maintaining a higher quality of life and independence among active agers. Regular exercise provides many practical benefits, including reducing the risk of diseases, injury and conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, coronary artery disease and high blood pressure. Stronger muscles, better balance and coordination, and higher energy levels all work together to maintain or improve basic living skills.

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Asil Cash

Health, Wellness & Sports Director
acash@ymcamv.org or x120

Group Exercise Schedule