YMCA Swim Teams

Makos Swim Club

Makos is the YMCA of Martha’s Vineyards competitive swim team for boys and girls ages 6-18. Swimming with the Makos offers vigorous workouts based on high energy, technique-focused swims, on personalized challenging intervals. The Makos team is divided into different workout groups based on skill level and designed for the advancement of each swimmer. Under direction of the coach, all workout groups practice at the same times each day.

Spring Session II

Swim. Practice. Grow.

"I saw a flyer when my oldest son was in 6th grade and figured that because he loved to swim, this would be his sport. He tried out for Rainy and David, but couldn’t make it across the pool without stopping. I wasn’t sure he would want to come back but he did, and slowly started to improve. Swimming changed the way he approached everything. He saw the value in hard work, setting goals, and a positive state of mind. Harrison became the captain of the swim team and has gone to the highest level of competition in the state. He loves swimming, and I know that he will do it for the rest of his life for fitness. His brothers, Oliver and Everett, have followed in his footsteps and joined the Makos team when they were young and really enjoy it. Our family is so glad that we saw that flyer all those years ago. We are definitely a swimming family and hope that the sport grows in popularity so that others can see the benefits."

Group Exercise Schedule