Monday May 27th, The Y will be open 5:30am-1:00pm. Lap lanes available 6-8:15am & 9:30am-12pm. Rec swim open 10am-12pm. All Group Ex classes on as scheduled during open building hours. Child Watch will be closed. Have a happy & safe Memorial Day.


Choose from over 70 result-driven group exercise classes each week to design your perfect workout schedule, all included in your membership or day pass. Classes vary in style and technique and cover all levels and core areas of fitness including strength training, stretching and flexibility, cardio, and more. Take advantage of your favorite instructors and classes in a group setting to keep you motivated.

Fuel your Health, Find your Wellness



The original barbell class that strengthens the entire body and challenges all major muscle groups. Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight. * Requires sign-up (available 30 min prior at Member Service Desk)


Core workouts are vital elements of fitness. Variety makes it fun, using creative core moves keeps it more challenging.


Inspired by elite athlete training principles. A scientific core workout that builds strength, stability and endurance in the muscles that support your core. Will improve balance and assist in injury prevention.


Formerly known as Blitz, this style class includes body circuit training stations, that include cardio, core, full body moves with and without weights.


Tabata X is a full-body, HIIT workout that aims to yield the most benefits in a short amount of time. Each exercise, in a grouping of three, is performed for 20 seconds, with no break, for four rounds. Each grouping lasts for four minutes. We will perform 10 groupings and 30 different exercises.



Get ready to sweat in this advanced, high energy packed class with interval training, plyometrics & much more! If you like Insanity and P90X you’ll LOVE STEAM!


Resistance Endurance Power – A Full body workout using all the tools. This advanced class will leave you sweaty and invigorated. If you like Steam, you'll love REPS!

Morning Motivator

This class covers it all - cardio, strength training an core work. This total body workout is the perfect start to your day!

Morning Mash

A more core driven class than Morning Motivator, includes full body core and full body cardio to energize your whole day!


A little bit of everything! You will move from beginning to end. Weights, no weights, bodyweight and dance all rolled into one very fun morning class.


A core focused, booty blasting experience; with guaranteed results. This is a fun, challenging, full-body, low-impact, high-inten­sity work­out, using Pilates prin­ci­ples. Designed for all fit­ness lev­els. Helps tone and strengthen mus­cles with­out the pound­ing of a high impact workout. The class is performed with fast-paced music making it fun, exciting and energizing.

Older Adults

Better For You

Are you transitioning from physical therapy or a cardiac rehab program? Or maybe you're looking to ease your way back into exercise? Better For You helps participants safely transition to the YMCA facility under the guidance of qualified staff, and introduces them to safe and healthy exercise options at the Y.

Sit 2b Fit

Workout is primarily in the seated position to offer safety and success for participants at low physical function. Includes strength-building exercises, and promotes balance and mobility.

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Mind & Body

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa translates as, "to place with care", and yoga translates as "to yoke". This flowing practice is defined by the movement from one posture to the next using pranayama (breath), and dristhi (gazing point). Open to all levels of practitioners, you will build strength and flexibility, and challenge yourself during this 60-minute practice.

Power Yoga

Finding your power "within" is as important as the external power you display. You will build core strength, self-esteem, flexibility & endurance in this challenging 60-minute yoga practice. Faster pace than Vinyasa yoga, be prepared to sweat.

Core Yoga

Develop strength from your knees to your chest, tone your body and feel better about yourself. Build internal heat, work with your breath, and develop your personal power. Challenging and sweaty; a mixed level class.

Prenatal Yoga

Safely stretches, strengthens and tones the body while alleviating some common discomforts of pregnancy. Our certified prenatal yoga instructors, guide and prepare bodies and minds for labor and motherhood in a nurturing, friendly environment. Students have a chance to bond with their babies in utero and develop connections. No previous fitness or yoga experience necessary. The class is free to all expectant people.

Gentle Yoga

A gentler style of Hatha yoga. Enjoy a slower pace, with less intense positions. Will include yogic breath work and relaxation.

Yin Yoga

A slow-paced style of yoga that targets deep connective tissue, including fascia, ligaments, joints and bones. Incorporating principles of traditional Chinese medicine with asanas that are held for longer periods of time than in other styles.

Mat Pilates

Classical Pilates on the mat, a total body workout emphasizing core strength, muscular length, strength and flexibility. A challenging class across the spectrum from athlete to novice.

Aquatic Fitness

Aqua Aerobics

This exciting class is for both swimmers and non-swimmers. An incredible low-impact workout geared toward increasing cardiovascular output and muscle tone.



An excellent workout focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, intensity and recovery to simulate a ride in real terrain. For all skill levels, an all-terrain adventure!


Climb, jog, sprint & dance for 45 minutes! A great fat burner using hand weights and core exercises!

Y Cycle Rhythm Ride

Climb, jog, sprint and ride to the rhythm of the beat for 45 minutes! A great calorie burner - incorporates using hand weights and choreographed moves on the bike to intensify the ride.


Not all classes listed above are offered year-round, please check the Group Ex Schedule for the monthly offerings.

Group Excercise

“Group exercise offers a variety of benefits you might miss out on if you choose to work out on your own. Some of the benefits include exposure to a social and fun environment, a safe and effectively designed workout, a consistent exercise schedule, an accountability factor for participating in exercise, and a workout that requires no prior exercise knowledge or experience.”

American College of Sports Medicine


Abigail Leighton

Group Fitness Coordinator or x121

Group Exercise Schedule