we cant wait to see you at the pool

We encourage members to come dressed to work out and swimmers arrive in their bathing suits. Showers will not be available unless showering to enter the pool but not upon exiting. Bring a robe to ensure comfort when exiting the pool area and leaving the building. If you are interested in bringing your family in for a group swim - we have two, one hour slots on Saturday. Please call the Front Desk to sign up!


deep & aqua

Dual programs in the pool at the same time, choose either Deep Water or Water Aerobics to get your best workout!

T/Th | 8:30-9:15am
with Leslie S.

aqua aerobics

This exciting class is for both swimmers and non-swimmers and is geared towards increasing cardiovascular output and muscle tone.

M/W/F | 8:30 - 9:15am
with Jen

Deep water training

Presently being offered as a dual class - Train in the deep end wearing a flotation belt to experience this program. Alternate between high and low intensity moves to increase power and strength and improve cardiovascular endurance.

Group Exercise Schedule