Board of Directors

“The need for a public swimming pool was our initial goal to fulfill. Our Y grew into an all-are-welcome community center exceeding all our dreams. My goal is to help sustain our movement for years to come.” – Mark Baumhofer



Mark Baumhofer

President of the Board/Chair, Executive Committee


Al Woollacott

Vice President/Chair, Facilities Committee


Doug Best

Treasurer/Chair, Finance Committee


Fain Hackney



Matt D’ Andrea


Michael Hoyt


Chuck Hughes


June Manning


Pat Morgan


Don Ogilvie


David Rossi


Marilyn Vukota


Liza Williamson







Cindy Doyle


Sam Feldman


Robert Forrester


Jack Gagnon


Allan Holt


Catherine Jacobus


John Klein


Patricia Morgan


Susan Ross


Mary Stanton


Jim Swartz


Natasha Ziff



 “It is both an honor and a privilege of serve as President of the Y.  I appreciate the trust my fellow Board members have put in me to lead this effort.  Having grown up in the Y in Westport, CT, and having raised my kids in that Y, I was happy to serve on its Board of Directors for many years before moving to the Vineyard.   It was a natural next step for me to get involved in creating a Y here on the Island.  As a Founder and 17 year Board member, I am thrilled at the level of positive community support the Y enjoys.   The doors of the Y should never be closed to anyone, regardless of ability to pay.  We offer financial aid support and we want to use it to reach anyone interested in taking advantage of all the Y has to offer.  The over-arching goal to insure long-term financial sustainability will be a focus of my Presidency, along with continued outreach into all corners of the Vineyard community.”        – Judy Crawford