Welcome Active Agers!

Join the growing active ager population in the nurturing environment of the MVYMCA! Find new and existing friends as you work together to improve your health and intellectual and spiritual strength. If you are new to the Vineyard, or a lifelong resident, we welcome you to our very special island community.


The Y offers over 70 group exercise classes each week, all included in your membership or day pass. Choose classes based on your needs and skill level. Give a class a try! What looks like fun? Having trouble deciding? Ask one of our wellness coaches for help.

Personal Training

Whether you’re already active and fit, or you feel you could definitely be in better shape – Mind, Body & Spirit – patience is key. Impatience, Ego and Boredom are the three biggest enemies in any fitness environment. As long as you embrace a baby steps mindset, the gains will come.
* Will confer with your Physician or Physical Therapist if necessary