Elder Fitness, Activities and Services

Contact: Ray Whitaker at rwhitaker@ymcamv.org, (508)696-7171 ext 121



Whether you’re already active and fit, or you feel you could definitely be in better shape – Mind, Body & Spirit – the one thing you need to get & keep the ball rolling is PATIENCE with yourself.

Impatience, Ego and Boredom are the three biggest enemies in any fitness environment.  As long as you embrace a baby steps mindset, the gains will come. Will confer with your Physician or Physical Therapist if necessary.





CHAIR POWER                                                  Monday & Friday at 11:00am

This 30 Minute, low-impact exercise class is ideal for those who’ve not been as active as they know they ought to be, and want a gentle approach to become for fit. Emphasis on flexibility, strength building, balance & body mechanics



BALANCE OF POWER                                         Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 11:30am

A one-hour class specifically designed for our island and visiting elders (55+), BOP focuses not only on enhancing your balance, but building your strength and coordination. The one criterion for this challenging class is PATIENCE – with yourself and the process.
Concentration on Balance & Flexibility, Strength & Endurance, Low Impact Aerobics & Core Building.
(and there’s always a few “thoughtful surprises” tossed into each class to keep things interesting).


BALANCE OF POWER 2                                      Tuesday & Thursday at 12:45pm

A 45 Minute intermediate-to-advanced level version of “Balance of Power.” In addition to continuing our focus on strength building and balance enhancement, we engage in a slower version of H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training). This will get your heart pumping! BUT, you stop when you feel you need to – LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR BODY IS TELLING YOU!

This class is ideal for veterans of Balance of Power and feel the need to “take it to the next level.”



Afternoon Stretch                Monday & Wednesday 12:30-1:15pm 


The benefits to be gained from taking the time to stretch are many. The first to embrace would be it’s affect on your mood. Because when your body starts to feel good you have a renewed sense of optimism, your posture improves, your energy and stamina increases, you  become less prone to injury during workouts and, obviously, you feel more flexible.

This class will concentrate not only on those universal trouble areas for so many (upper and lower back, glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, ankles and arches), but will reinforce the need to take the time to stretch on your own. Even if it’s 10 minutes in the morning, consider it a gift and a preventative measure against the inconvenience of injury.